Choosing potential concepts

It was useful to discuss our ideas in a group, as I now realise that I need to focus my concepts and think about where I would like to take them. Dave also pointed out that a lot of my ideas focus on media and this is something I would like to avoid, as it doesn’t interest me. Sorrel and Dave chose my ‘merging cultures’ concept, as it is the most focused and would allow me to carry out primary research. This wasn’t my favourite idea, as it reminds me of the culture topic I chose at A Level and I think I would end up researching a lot of the same artists. However, I feel  I could gain some interesting primary research on my visit to Iceland and by looking at aspects from different cultures in our local area, such as the Polish shop.

When choosing my second concept, I was torn between two – Georgia thought ‘anthropomorphism’ was the most interesting and would lead to a more meaningful final piece than ‘energy issues’, as she thought it was a more original starting point. I am excited about this concept, as I have already found some interesting visuals on Pinterest that I could take into workshops, however I am currently unsure how easy it will be to carry out primary research and I don’t want to end up copying off other artists due to lack of research.


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