National Museum of Iceland visit

Even though I eliminated my ‘Objects of Desire’ concept last week, my visit to the exhibition ‘The World in Iceland, Iceland in the World’ has made me reconsider my decision, as I think I could change the concept slightly to allow more primary research. There was a section of the exhibition which invited people to write down objects they would take with them if they moved to another country – this really interested me, as I would like to look into the reasons for humans becoming attached to inanimate objects. I now realise that I am more interested in the way humans become attached to objects/ the stories behind them, rather than the desire we feel to own certain objects and I am therefore going to create a rough project proposal for the concept ‘Personal Possessions’. After this experience, I also learnt the importance of having an open mind when visiting any museums/galleries with college, as I now realise that you don’t always need to visit exhibitions/events that directly link to your concept in order to generate new ideas.