Lancaster trip

The Storey Gallery

Interesting display methods –

  • Decorative wall space
  • Using clips to hold up pieces

Concept idea –

  • Madison Piercy’s embroidery on calico piece shows the ever-changing nature of experience and memory, investigating ways in which it becomes distorted (Possessions often distort the past by reminding the owner of a particularly good/bad time).


Linking to FMP –

  • I could superimpose a person with their personal possessions.
  • 3D printed rock > having the ability to recreate things, so they can be claimed as personal possessions.
  • Shop memorabilia > selling items by linking them to the place they are being sold, so people will become attached to their souvenirs e.g. using the Lancaster symbol.

Museum of Lancaster 

Linking to FMP –

  • Personal possessions taken to the pawnbrokers.
  • Stopwatches > the most valued possessions of lower class people during the Victorian era, in a time where the higher classes collected as many possessions as possible.
  • Collectors items > train set, coins, china tea sets.
  • War memorabilia > badges, items to remind of home, items taken from travel, uniform, photos. Reminding the soldiers of their identity during hard times and reminding past soldiers of their achievements/travels.

Linking to specialism (symbols of Lancaster) –

  • Cross stitch seat cover with Lancaster symbols.
  • Quilt Lancaster flag/ coat of arms.
  • Caroline Bartlett > I liked the intricate embroidery in each piece (especially the embroidered text) and how they are displayed in embroidery hoop
  • Bonkers Clutterbucks > Mini scenes in an industrial set of pigeon holes. I like how the delicate patterns are contrasted with industrial machine parts, as it helps to capture various eras

Lancaster free time

Linking to FMP –

  • Charity shop porcelain > most charity shops had replicas of famous designs, which shows that people are not always interested in authenticity. I bought one of these plates with my £1, as it had the same traditional Japanese design as the cup and saucer that I photographed in the museum.

Linking to specialism –

  • Embroidered shoes in topshop (I like the colour contrast in the intricate design).


Lancaster University gallery

Concept idea –

  • Plastic recreation of the William Burton ceramic collection (using 3D printing) > do we value personal possessions less if they have been replicated?

Morecambe free time

Linking to my specialism –

  • Nostalgia behind the statue of Eric Morecambe


  • Collection of clocks on sale in the market = now a common household object, however once seen as a prized possession.




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