Annie’s exhibition – ‘Watermarks’

Annie’s talk gave me a greater insight into her creative process and the struggles of getting artwork selected for galleries/competitions. I like how Annie starts each piece without knowing the outcome, as this is a great way to discover new techniques through happy accidents.

What I learnt –

  • By pouring resin onto area of work, you can paint onto and then rub the paint off the resin area to reveal the painted section underneath.
  • Dressmaking patterns and maps often used for collage sections.
  • Unconventional and conventional materials used to paint with > windscreen wipers, baby wipes, sponges, cloths, sticks etc.
  • Always turning the pieces around to see what it looks like at a different angle/ to let paint drip.
  • I was surprised by how much money galleries take from artists if their work is sold (50%) and I now appreciate why artwork often seems very expensive, as the artist will only receive a small proportion of the money after paying for materials, transport etc.

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