Conversation with Annie to help push my research forward

When explaining my concept to Annie, she came up with a couple of ideas to help push my project forward, which was really useful. First she suggested researching Christian Bonanski’s photography assemblage pieces, however I didn’t feel very inspired by them, as the artist works with a very different concept. Having said that, it was still a useful exercise, as I discovered that the artist also experiments with shadow art and I found this really interesting. I would like to explore shadow art myself, as I think it would be an effective way to present the idea that our lives revolve around possessions and that we are becoming shadows of our own belongings/ past identities.

When asking people about possessions and identity in my questionnaire, most thought their clothes had the strongest link to their identity, which is understandable but I feel that working with this idea would confuse my concept. Annie gave a solution to this by suggesting that I look more closely into possessions in bedrooms. I think this is an effective way to explore my concept at another level, as it will enable me to focus on the relationship between people’s identities and the possessions they choose to surround themselves with. To start with I would like to deepen my understanding of minimalism and hoarding through documentaries. To follow this up with primary research, I think it would be useful to take my own photos of people in their bedrooms, as I would be able to see if the possessions and layout of the rooms remind me of the person. Having said that, this may be a difficult task, as I am unsure how many people would be willing to have their photos taken in their rooms.


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