Minimalism: A documentary about the small things

The documentary was useful, as it gave me a greater insight into what it means to be a minimalist. I always thought a minimalist was someone who lives with a very small amount of possessions, however I now realise that anyone can be a minimalist by simply minimising what they have, living with enough possessions to be happy but not so many that you feel trapped.


  • Living for a pay check > you can’t buy happiness
  • If we are experiencing the best living conditions ever, why are we living for more?
  • Social media maintains our addiction to buying possessions and gives the illusion that life should be perfect
  • Heat map shows that the average American uses 40% of the space in their homes every day > most space used for storage



  • Every possession serves a purpose and brings joy
  • You should be able to justify everything around you
  • No excess or duplicate possessions
  • Create space to fit our lives rather than fitting things into the space we have
  • Smaller homes bring people together
  • Not being prepared for every moment helps you engage with society and surroundings
  • Minimalist community > asking to borrow possessions from other people



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