FMP essay plan


Write about the research you have under taken, mention visits, drawings etc. How have these helped your project?

  • Museums, galleries, questionnaire, documentaries, articles, youtube, films, books > taking new ideas and techniques into practical workshops.

Mention how previous projects through out the year have influenced your ideas on the FMP.

  • After the ‘Trust and Transparency’ project, I have given more time for primary research, as this enabled me to produce a meaningful outcome.

Mention the artists and designers you have researched. What interesting things did you discover and how is this going to help the development of your project?

  • Joseph Cornell and other assemblage artists > interesting box technique
  • Kurt Schwitters > collage
  • Christian Boltanski, Tim Noble and Sue Webster > shadow art
  • Saul Steinberg > fingerprinting technique
  • Huang Qingjun and Ma Hongjie, Peter Menzel > photography
  • Annie > markmaking
  • Caroline Bartlette > embroidery hoops
  • Peter Tanningsen > lost and found photography
  • Grayson Perry and Zoe Hillyard > ceramics


How are you developing the concept?

  • Range of practical techniques > quick development activities

How have you developed the project visually?

  • Mainly used inspiration from primary photography and artist research.
  • Beginning to work in more abstract ways.

How are you progressing the project technically?

  • New techniques, such as working in 3D
  • Repeating unfamiliar techniques, such as photoshop and illustrator.

How do you see this influencing your final work?

  • Combining familiar and unfamiliar techniques to produce a polished and experimental final piece.

What do you aim, to achieve at the end of the FMP?

  • Develop technical skills.
  • Generate meaningful answer to my question.
  • Polished final piece.

How do you want your exhibition space to look and feel to the viewer?

  • Nostalgic, focusing on memory and identity.
  • Make the viewer consider the role of possessions in their life.

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