Using dissolvable fabric for the second time

Even though I was aware that we had an experimental textiles workshop this morning, I was surprised by the activity, as we were shown how to use dissolvable fabric in the same way that I experimented with it yesterday. I thought that I was being very innovative by placing textile materials in between two pieces of dissolvable fabric, however it is evidently a common way of using the material and this made me realise that most techniques have already been used by others, which is why it is so important to think of unique ways to use the techniques to visualise a concept. Even though I have already experimented with dissolvable fabric, I still found the workshop useful, as Aston’s example piece made me realise that you don’t need as much stitching to hold the piece together and I also learnt that a glue gun can be used to create a similar effect without the sewing machine. As a whole, I am intrigued by the versatility of dissolvable fabric and I would like to explore the material further.


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