Newcastle Trip

Great North Museum 

Shadows created reminded me of Christian Bonanski’s work

Butterfly wall – nostalgia and memories held in wallpaper > each butter;y represents a personal story

Sense of ownership – can we really claim nature and call it a possession?

Cracked ceramics – reminded me of the kintsukuroi technique and shows that the sentiments behind the possessions is more valuable than the possessions themselves

Egyptian afterlife – possessions buried with the ancient Egyptians were very similar to the possessions that people highly value and hold onto today e.g. jewellery and diaries

The Baltic Gallery

Rodney Graham

  • Focused on the role of lone characters, however his work made me think about the ways in which household possessions link to identity
  • I particularly liked ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’, as the tiny details and hidden possessions meant that the longer I looked at the piece, the more I noticed and the more I understood the character in the photo.
  • I think that light boxes are an effective way to present photographs, as there light made the pieces look more realistic, even though they were all set up.

I thought the composition of these photos was very visually engaging, as I was immediately drawn to the piece. This made me realise the importance of using interesting display methods for my final exhibition, as I would like my piece to stand out. I especially liked the photos that had been split, as they reminded me of the way Rodney Graham separates his pieces with individual light boxes


It is evident that hoarding is a contemporary issue, as I have seen lots of books associated with decluttering and minimalism throughout my project > all implying that less possessions leads to a happier life

The Biscuit Factory

Adding ‘cracks’ for decorative purposes – relates to the broken ceramics at the museum

I like how this artist has taken her own paintings into textiles, as the stitching seems very free and reflects the fluid motion of a paintbrush

Combination of collage and drawing attracted me to this repeat pattern


I hadn’t thought of stamps when searching for images of possessions that are hoarded/collected, however I know that stamp is very common and my dad has a collection of stamps at home that I could work with

Paper butterflies similar to those seen at the museum


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