Blog improvement workshop

I found it useful to focus on our blogs this morning, as I think it is important to make my blog easy to use and access information. This is mainly for my benefit, however I now realise that when I apply for a job in the creative industry, future clients will want to see clear visual development and keeping a blog is an effective way to show this. When looking through the blogs of previous students, I found that students who carried out a wide range of research and pushed their ideas through unfamiliar techniques achieved higher grades, as the problem solving throughout development led to the students creating meaningful final pieces. This has made me realise that I need to make sure my practical development always links to research, as I need to keep focused and ensure that my final outcome presents my ideas in a visually engaging way.

It felt strange to assess Euan’s blog, as I am used to looking at blogs from previous years – I therefore felt that I was more biased when giving Euan feedback and it was difficult to grade an unfinished project. Even though I didn’t feel happy grading Euan’s blog, I helped by giving a few suggestions for improvement, such as minimising description and adding more evaluation.

Feedback from Euan:

  • Good range of practical techniques and research methods
  • Effective planning  – bringing materials to workshops
  • Carry out more research to push my ideas further and focus my concept

After speaking with Euan, I realise that I have become stuck with similar ideas during the past week and I therefore need to go back into research to push my concept. Euan also mentioned that I didn’t seem to have much evidence of problem solving on my blog and I think this is due to me working in my comfort zone a lot of the time. I would therefore like to more unfamiliar practical techniques over Easter, to enable me to experiment and discover hopefully discover some ‘happy accidents’.


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