Benefits of minimalism

More money to spend on experiences, which provide happiness in the long term

Less stress > clutter causes visual stress and anxiety, whereas clear areas have a calming effect

Easier to clean > more time for living life

Freedom e.g. no books you ‘should have read’ or paperwork that ‘needs to be filed’


Better for the environment (less consumption = less damage) > once an area of nature is damaged, we are more likely to neglect it further. This also applies to minimalism, as it is easy to give up and continue to pile up possessions once the problem seems to large to sort out


More productive > average american 12 hours shopping every month > takes time to organise and sort possessions


Own higher quality stuff > better to keep a few things you love, rather than lots of things you ‘quite like’


Happier > 2,500 people across various countries tried the minimalist challenge and 87% said they were happier with less possessions


Choose work you love > no need to look for high paid jobs that are unenjoyable


Not tied to the past > reminiscing doesn’t leave space in the mind for new experiences

present moment

Smaller space > average house size US has doubled since 1950s and 40% of the average american’s expenses now goes towards housing costs

Find things easier > less storage, everything has a place


Display what you value most > ensures that your possessions reflect you, without owning you



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