‘Life Stripped Bare’ documentary

After watching ‘Life Stripped Bare’ I feel even more passionate about my concept, as the volunteers in the documentary all tried out an extreme minimalist lifestyle and at the end they all agreed that our possessions don’t define us. When watching the volunteers feel vulnerable without any of their possessions I realised that my ‘challenge’ to clear out my room hasn’t been challenging me at all, as I have simply moved my possessions to a different room and therefore have access to them at any time. I understand that I won’t get any interesting results from this, as it is no trouble for me and I therefore need to take it a step further if I want to gain a more meaningful response. I am now only going to allow myself to retrieve one item from my cleared possessions each day (excluding clothing, toiletries and food), as I aim to find out which of my possessions really make me  happy.


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