Life Stripped Bare Documentary

Before the challenge

  • ‘I feel like my stuff defines me. I want people to like me and think I’m nice without hipster clothes and painted nails’
  • ‘I own £40,000 worth of stuff. I feel like everything I’ve worked for and all my happiness is being taken away’
  • ‘I have enough unused stuff to fill an entire room’

At the start of the challenge

  • ‘I feel vulnerable like a creature’
  • ‘I think I’ve lost the art of conversation’
  • ‘A piece of my soul has been thrown away’

At the end of the challenge 

  • ‘It’s was easier to make decisions today, as I had less to worry about’
  • ‘The high after getting an object back is starting to run out quickly’
  • ‘Getting back my possessions is making me more unhappy, as I keep expecting them to make me feel a certain way’

Finishing the challenge

  • ‘I only want to own things that I love’
  • ‘My stuff doesn’t define me, I realise I don’t have to adhere to social pressure’
  • ‘I have a changed outlook and have deleted all social media’
  • ‘I have donated all my stuff to a homeless charity, as I now know what it feels like to have nothing’
  • ‘I’m going to sell my stuff but only if the buyer really loves  it’

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