Writing my FMP essay

I have been prioritising blog work and development recently and I usually find it difficult to motivate myself to write essays. This is mainly because I was looking at the essay as a large burden that needed to be quickly completed. However, I found that writing the essay really helped me to map the development of my project, as I had to scroll back through my blog to view my journey so far, which enabled me to refresh and refocus on my concept. While writing the essay I found that my project has been lacking direction over the past couple of weeks, as I am unsure which pieces of research to push forward and what I would like to communicate in the final exhibition. To gain a fresh perspective in my blog, I am going to ask my peers about which development pieces work the best, as I found that in the last project my visual development gave the clearest indicator of which aspects to focus on. This is because my one of my main aims is to clearly communicate my concept in a visual way. I would also like to have a tutorial with my tutors, as I often find it useful to talk through my ideas to see if I have enough confidence in may research to back them up.


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