Tutorial about my final outcome idea

My tutorial gave me a bit of a shock, as Sorrel informed me that the final outcome design I have been working on isn’t meaningful enough and needs completely changing. I now realise that I was choosing the easy option, as my curtain idea was too obvious and didn’t link to much of my research. Dave gave me the idea to stitch possessions into a tablecloth, with one half being cluttered and one minimalistic (showing 5 possessions that are essential for living). I didn’t feel very enthusiastic about this idea, however there were parts of the design which really interested me. I think that using white on white would be an effective way to represent minimalism, as I could use different shades of white fabric and thread to create very subtle imagery. I also liked the idea of physically cutting the tablecloth to separate the ‘hoarding’ and ‘minimalistic’ sides, as I think this would be an visually engaging way to represent the process of letting go of possessions. I am beginning to think that I could use this cutting idea to make my piece interactive, as I found that the most memorable pieces on the Liverpool trip were the interactive installations. After my tutorial Sorrel suggested finding a range of visuals in art books to give me inspiration. I am hoping this is useful, as I have been finding very familiar artists when carrying out internet research and it would be useful to discover some artwork that is less well known, as this is more likely to spark new ideas.


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