Reviewing my textile test samples and final design ideas with Sorrel and Dave

Even though I had 4 final outcome designs, there were two that I was leaning towards and Sorrel was pleased with both. To help choose between the two ideas, Sorrel suggested visualising both with some quick test samples. This was a really useful activity, as I ended up combining features from both designs to generate a new idea. I was really pleased with the outcome of my textile possession test samples, as I think they look polished and ‘final piece ready’. I therefore thought the most effective idea was my interactive installation design, in which people would be able to move my textile possessions. Having said that, Sorrel and Dave recognised that my idea still needed pushing further by highlighting the minimalist possessions in some way. We decided that an effective way to achieve this would be to print the minimalist possessions into a piece of fabric and then attach the ‘clutter’ with velcro or magnets so that it can be removed. I like this idea, as it links to my research in which I removed possessions from my room and I think it will look visually interesting. I now need to start making more possessions so that I can decide if this installation will be visually effective enough.


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