Reconsidering my final outcome idea

I am beginning to think that my final outcome may need adapting, as I am not happy with how it is turning out and I think I could create something more meaningful and polished. The strings suspending my textile possessions look messier than I hoped and I have been struggling to keep the cluttered possessions facing the same way, as they keep spinning on the strings. I could solve this by adding more strings, however I think this would create an even messier finish and I would like to consider other ideas first. I am thinking that it would be more effective to move back to the idea of making my piece interactive, as I personally find interactive pieces more engaging and my concept is all about making personal decisions to keep or dispose of possessions, which works well with interaction. I aim to discuss the development of my final outcome with peers and tutors on Monday, as I feel that I have been overthinking and therefore need a fresh perspective on my ideas.


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