Resolving my final outcome problems by speaking to peers

I made lots of crucial changes to my final outcome today and I am really pleased about the way it is developing. When feeling very overwhelmed by research and stuck for ideas, I took my laptop to a group of my peers that I don’t usually talk to about my project and they helped me to join my ideas together by looking through my blog. I chose to show them my final outcome designs, as I now have over 15 and each has interesting ideas, but not enough to make up a meaningful final outcome. This was a really effective way to push my ideas forward, as we were able to pull aspects of each design together to create a whole new installation idea. Ruth was especially helpful, as she suggested using a vertical blind to stitch my possessions into and the actually installation was the main aspect I was struggling with. In my new design, viewers will be able to pull the blind to minimise all the stitched possessions, as the possessions will turn away with the blind and the viewer will have a clear view once this is gone. I think this is an effective way to communicate the idea that clutter is a barrier and that removing it allows us to see life more clearly. I also think it will be effective to have an interactive piece, as I hope that the viewer will consider the role clutter plays in their lives when pulling the string. I now need to consider how and where I will install my blind, as there are some limitations which I could encounter, such as not being able to attach the blind railing to the ceiling.



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