Choosing a space to exhibit my work

We decided that the most effective way to install my blind would be to fix it to the ceiling, as this is what the blind is designed for. However I wasn’t happy with the height of the blind, as the ceiling is quite high and I therefore thought the possessions on the top half of my blind would be lost and hard to see. The cord turn the blind would also be too high and this is a key part of my concept. I spoke to Mike to see if he had any alternative ideas and he helped me to design a plan to suspend my blind from the ceiling with transparent cords. I like this idea and think the blind is well suited to hang in the centre of the ceiling, as I would like people to walk around the whole blind and interact with it easily. The only issue is that I am worried the blind will be unstable when people pull on the cord and I therefore need to ensure the whole installation is very well made and secure with multiple points of attachment. It was useful to talk about my installation with multiple people, as Annie pointed out that it isn’t very obvious that my piece can be interacted with. It is important to me that viewers interact with my piece, as this is a crucial part of my concept. I therefore came up with the idea to hang two pieces of ribbon with words stitched into them on either side of the blind cord. I am unsure about which words I will use and I would like to ask around my peers to see what would work best before starting to create test samples.


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