Unstitching some of the possessions

Even though it will take a long time to unstitch the sewing machine stitch, I have chosen to remove a couple of the possessions on the blind. This is because some of the possessions I added yesterday were made in a rush and look more naive than the others. A lot of the clutter that I disposed of in my room was childhood clutter, however this naturally makes my piece look more childlike and the bright colours used distract from the possessions. I would also like to stitch back into some of my possessions, as I realise that my stitchwork from last night didn’t include much detail. After this experience, I realise that I work much better practically in a morning and in the future I will avoid working on important practical work late at night, as I often make mistakes that take longer to sort out the next day. I find that I can focus better on my blog work in an evening, as I can reflect on the day as a whole and think about what I need to do the following day.


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