Textile artist concept inspiration

Izziyana Suhaimi

  • Explores the boundaries that exist between traditional and popular cultures by investigating and highlighting their connections, but also their differences.

Kirsty Whitlock

  • Challenges traditional connotations of embroidery and seeks to communicate messages of social responsibility through the use of recycled and reclaimed materials.
  • I like how both of these artists emphasise the colourful stitching by embroidering onto black and white images, illustrations and text.

Grayson Perry


  • The tapestries depict many of the eccentricities and peculiarities associated with life in the UK, from interior design to British cuisine, political protest and celebrity gossip.

Emma Burton

  • ‘Culture Fuse’ is an exploration of the merging of different cultures using shapes and patterns, combined with a naive tribal style.

Self assessment



  • Good use of primary research to generate interesting ideas

Areas for improvement:

  • Use more interesting research methods during initial research to start the project with lots of ideas
  • Follow up all useful research with practical development to help push ideas forward



  • Self-motivated during self-directed workshops
  • Using a variety of practical techniques during experimentation

Areas for improvement:

  • More development pieces earlier in the project to help generate interesting initial ideas



  • Ability to create a polished outcome, drawing inspiration from a variety of theoretical and practical development pieces

Areas for improvement:

  • Speak to tutors and peers before starting the making of my final outcome, as I often think of quite simplistic designs and therefore need help to push my ideas further
  • Continue to develop my ideas and outcome during the final stages

Predicted grade

After evaluating my last project, I think I have the potential to achieve a distinction at the end of the course, as I have been making a lot of progress between each of the projects and I hope for this to continue. I understand that I will need to put lots of energy into my FMP to reach distinction level, however I feel that I am a fairly good self-motivater and I think I have the potential to reach this level. I now need to really focus on research in order to discover an interesting concept for my project proposal. I realised the importance of this when writing my evaluation, as I recognised that I often struggle to narrow down my concepts to discover something meaningful.