New final outcome plans

Hanging tapestry with words and possessions stitched into it, changing from minimalistic to cluttered > on reflection, I think this idea is even more simplistic than the last and I don’t feel it is innovative enough for the final exhibition


Book with my possessions stitched into that folds out to show endless clutter > inspired by textile books seen at the Rheged quilt exhibition


Pro monitor review

What is your current attendance/punctuality for Art?

Attendance: 100%

Art course – Sum up your progress from Jan to May –

I feel I have made progress since January, as I have used learning experiences and reflections from past projects to make the most of research activities, which has enabled  me to constantly push my development forward. I have developed my practical skills by experimenting with a range of unfamiliar techniques within my new specialism, such as dissolvable fabric and crochet. My analytical skills have developed in a way that has enabled me to pick out key pieces of research and information, however this is an area I would still like to improve on in order to communicate clear and interesting ideas.

I feel I have managed my time well, as I have generally kept up to date with blog work, while leaving enough time for development. Having said that, there were some tasks that I didn’t manage to complete, such as creating 40 development pieces in 3 days. This is mainly due to me having other commitments and not factoring enough time to finish the task.

Looking at your longterm smart targets have you met them? (Progression after the course) Or are you on target to meet them?

I have met my smart targets, as I ensured that the targets set were challenging but manageable.

What have you most enjoyed this year and why?

The most enjoyable part of the year has been experimenting with unfamiliar materials and techniques that I didn’t use during Sixth Form, as this is what led me to specialise in textiles.

What are you looking forward to next year?

I am really excited to start my textile design course at Leeds, as I will be able to work within my specialism and work with people who have very similar interests. I am also looking forward to living in Leeds and gaining inspiration from a new area.