Creating new tags and finalising my piece

I am really pleased with the overall finish of my piece and I am now really looking forward to the opening of our exhibition.


Making a decision about my tag designs

I started to realise that the most effective way to design my tags would be to speak to other people and watch them interact with my blind, as I have reached the stage where it is most important to consider audience interaction. Even though I want people to think about which blind cord they should pull, I think it is important that the tags give some direction when given a closer look. This is what made me consider using 2 simple steps, with one tag minimising the possessions and the other clearing them completely. I aim for the viewer to follow this journey and consider the role that possessions play in their lives.

Watching peers interact with my blind

I noticed that my peers were getting confused about which blind cord/tag to pull and I immediately started to think of ways to simplify this. I thought about making the tags  more obvious or completely taking away one of the blind cords. However, I later started to think that this confusion actually plays to my piece and helps to communicate the feelings associated with hoarding/minimalism. This is because it reflects the inner turmoil people experience when trying to dispose of a sentimental possession. I am going to keep both of the cords hanging, however I still need to think of a way to make my tags more meaningful.

Tutorial about the tags attached to my blind

After discussing my final piece with Sorrel, I realise that the tags attached to my blind lack meaning and don’t reflect my research very well. At the moment I feel that I have come to a block, as I can’t think of any ways to improve my tags. I therefore aim to speak to my peers in order to gain a range of new ideas, as I think this is the most effective way to quickly gather fresh inspiration.

Artist statement

First draft

‘The more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you’

To remove clutter from our lives is to gain a clearer view and greater happiness


  • Very concise, which fits into my focus on minimalism
  • Make the statement more minimalistic – both sentences communicate the same message
  • I would like to keep the sentence about us gaining a clearer view, as this is what my blind shows and what the viewer will experience when they interact with my blind. However, I think that I need to replace the phrase ‘clearer view’ with a single word that has more impact.

Final statement with improvements 

To remove clutter from our lives is to gain clarity